Friday, 12 August 2011

Something to download

Fetch it here.

Requires Froyo (Android 2.2), more info inside the txt file in the archive. Please DO READ it! It is by no means a 'production' software, its a hack, but more or less works. I plan to spend some time on it during following weeks, but for now - just bare metal for your experimental pleasure.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

DroidPUAE - first builds working

So I finally got PUAE running on my Android phone :). This was done in a quick and dirty way, just to see, that it is feasible. It is running quite nicely on my Motorola Defy (ARMv7, 800MHz), so I guess It would run even better on more powerful Android devices. How it differs from UAE4Droid?:
  • as in PUAE - support for hard disk and HDFs
  • as in PUAE - support for 68020+ and AGA
  • probably slower than UAE4Droid :)
  • and no sound for now :)
I got it up and running with preinstalled ClassicWB (Lite) (installed ClassicWB using WinUAE, then picked up the hdf file onto the phone). Some screenshots below:

I expect to post the .apk file soon once I cleanup all the GUI leftovers from DroidMac. Comments appreciated.