Saturday, 26 November 2011

A new build for download, done @ AmiZaduszki 2011

There is a new build for download available. A changelog:
- config selector (just create your configs, name them like *_puae.cfg, and put them in the root of your SD card),
- mouse improvements - tap/doubletap to do a click/doubleclick, RMB button for right mouse click, hold longer (until it greys out) LMB or RMB button to start mouse button hold, do the same to unlock it (release a mouse button),
- fullscreen app now (so a bit more of screen space in landscape mode).

More improvements still on the way:
- dynamically attaching disk images
- enable sound
- some nice configuration front end

Have fun.

PS. greetings to all the people @ AmiZaduszki 2011.

Finally legal :)

Last week I finally collected some pieces that make me fully legal in my Amiga land explorations (and quite happy btw :)). I bought some nice items like WB3.1, Kickstarts 3.0 and 3.1 and AmiOS 3.5. Just to let you know you Amiga legal purists :).