Saturday, 26 November 2011

A new build for download, done @ AmiZaduszki 2011

There is a new build for download available. A changelog:
- config selector (just create your configs, name them like *_puae.cfg, and put them in the root of your SD card),
- mouse improvements - tap/doubletap to do a click/doubleclick, RMB button for right mouse click, hold longer (until it greys out) LMB or RMB button to start mouse button hold, do the same to unlock it (release a mouse button),
- fullscreen app now (so a bit more of screen space in landscape mode).

More improvements still on the way:
- dynamically attaching disk images
- enable sound
- some nice configuration front end

Have fun.

PS. greetings to all the people @ AmiZaduszki 2011.


  1. Hello

    I wish to test your PUAE version but it need android 2.2 . Is there any reason it cant works on 2.1 like Uae4droid ?
    Anyway keep on the good works :-)

    Alain Thellier

    PS: a nice feature that uae4droid was missing
    is the ability to emulate the joystick with
    a finger move : i put finger on the (say) game-hero and if finger go left then (joystick) hero go left
    I mean joystick move = finger's delta move

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    it requires 2.2 as PUAE wants some APIs, that were actually implemented in Android 2.2 (and not in 2.1 or in previous versions). For sake of being aligned with PUAE (that is maintained and developed) I sacrified the sake of backporting it to A2.1 (probably less and less devices like this nowadays anyway).

  3. Hello

    How can I add a third floppy disc? I tried to add floppy2=/sdcard/disc3.adf to .cfg file, but it didn't work =(

    Thanks for your work, it works good on my SE XPERIA Neo.